The final text of the Data Governance Act (DGA)

Article 20, Transparency requirements

1. A recognised data altruism organisation shall keep full and accurate records concerning:

(a) all natural or legal persons that were given the possibility to process data held by that recognised data altruism organisation, and their contact details;

(b) the date or duration of the processing of personal data or use of non-personal data;

(c) the purpose of the processing as declared by the natural or legal person that was given the possibility of processing;

(d) the fees paid by natural or legal persons processing the data, if any.

2. A recognised data altruism organisation shall draw up and transmit to the relevant competent authority for the registration of data altruism organisations an annual activity report which shall contain at least the following:

(a) information on the activities of the recognised data altruism organisation;

(b) a description of the way in which the objectives of general interest for which data was collected have been promoted during the given financial year;

(c) a list of all natural and legal persons that were allowed to process data it holds, including a summary description of the objectives of general interest pursued by such data processing and the description of the technical means used for it, including a description of the techniques used to preserve privacy and data protection;

(d) a summary of the results of the data processing allowed by the recognised data altruism organisation, where applicable;

(e) information on sources of revenue of the recognised data altruism organisation, in particular all revenue from allowing access to the data, and on expenditure.

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